Elementor Widget Panel Not Loading

Problem: The Elementor widget panel won't load and you can't make edits to the page.

The Elementor Help Center has a list of things to check to see why that is happening. It’s usually some other plugin not playing nice with Elementor. Check the Help Center’s directions here. https://elementor.com/help/elementor-widget-panel-not-loading/

BUT sometimes you are in a hurry and have to update some content pronto-mode and don’t have time to troubleshoot. Here is a quick hack to be able to use the Elementor Widgets Panel when it won’t finish loading.


Open your browser developer tools (Shift + Cmd + C). Highlight the offending area by clicking on it. In the inspector panel, with the offendig div highlighted (div id =”elementor-panel-state-loading”) hit delete on your keyboard and it will remove the loading state div and the editor will be available/clickable/editable.

This is not a fix, it’s a hack for a quick edit or change. You still need to do your due diligence to solve the original problem.

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